September 9/10/11 2016

On the Road...Again

April 17/15

On the Road...Again

Our March 22nd event featuring the “dynamic duo” Bambrick and Kieswetter was sold out and feedback said “absolutely fabulous”. If you missed it here’s another chance. We’re taking it to “Rednersville” so that this charming waterfront ‘hood just south of Belleville, can savour the flavour of professional All-Canadian Jazz.

Jazz”, according to Heather Bambrick’s own Dad “is a 4 letter word in Newfoundland”. He was disappointed when his friends weren’t showing much interest in his daughter’s return home to headline her own concert. Quick witted Heather addressed Jazz’s “bad rap” head-on by re-naming the performance “It Ain’t Jazz”. Fact is, the show contained nothing but familiar “jazz” standards and the audience loved it. Next time someone says “I don’t like jazz” treat them to some tickets to prove they don’t know what they are talking about.

Click here to buy tickets for the May 2nd Rednersville Roadshow or call Pam at 1-855-713-9310 to be coerced (warning this is a small venue, there are only 60 tickets available).