September 9/10/11 2016

Red Hot Ramble

Red Hot Ramble reflects the New Orleans music that inspires the ensemble, each performer adds their own flavour to the musical gumbo they create together. Roberta Hunt’s sultry, saucy vocals and romping piano stir the pot, Alison Young’s energetic saxophones engulf you in a jazz hurricane, Jamie Stager slides in his animated tailgate trombone while Glenn Anderson lays down the essence of a NOLA parade beat with his infectious drums, and Jack Zorawski’s “mean-streets” bass grooves can’t help but conjure a stroll in the French Quarter. Roberta Hunt

With her personal and exuberant approach, Roberta adds her own voice to the jazz and blues repertoire. The over 15 years spent as rhythm pianist with the legendary New Orleans Jazz band ‘Kid Bastien’s Happy Pals’ (Grossman’s Tavern, Toronto) nurtured her love of New Orleans music which she now takes to the next level with Red Hot Ramble!

With a rootsy and bluesy style, Roberta was described by one music writer as “Mix big piano with beautiful voice, add some attitude and a lot of charisma. With a penchant for those you-done-me-wrong songs and her musical roots in the jazz and spirituals of New Orleans: a picture of Roberta Hunt starts to emerge…”

Alison Young

A relatively new force to reckon with in the Toronto music scene, Alison is from Ottawa where she honed her craft playing in local blues and R&B bands. After studying at the University of Toronto with Canadian sax greats Mike Murley and Kirk MacDonald, Alison has emerged as one of the Toronto music scene’s hottest and most sought after reed players. Alison plays all kinds of music and has toured Canada with pop group Kelly and the Kellygirls and with the one and only Big Rude Jake!

Jack Zorawski

Jack first appeared on the Toronto jazz scene in 1986. Originally from Poland, Jack has become a much in-demand acoustic bass playing sideman for many different artists in many different styles of jazz. Jack has toured all throughout Europe and North America and is a well-known bassist in the Traditional jazz scene in Toronto and the GTA with many, many traditional jazz bands and other great jazz artists such as Brian Dickinson, Bernie Senensky, Peter Appleyard, Big Rude Jake and the great Michael Urbaniak.

Glenn Anderson

Toronto native Glenn is well known for his hard swinging drumming. When he’s not busy with Red Hot Ramble, Glenn is touring with “Canada’s Sweetheart of Swing” Alex Pangman & Her Alleycats, Big Rude Jake, or Ross Wooldridge in Ross’ Tribute to the Benny Goodman Sextet. Glenn also performs with the Excelsior Jazz Band at The Rex Hotel and with The Climax Jazz Band, Dinny & The All Stars, The Ragweed Jazz Band, Mr. Jordan Klapman with American trumpeter/pianist Jon Seiger, The Dixie Demons, and New York based band Sly Blue.

Jamie Stager

A rare and powerful combination of wit and musical prowess, Jamie bursts at the seams with enthusiasm while on stage. Trombonist Jamie Stager is frequently heard in concert halls, festivals and nightclubs in a wide variety of musical settings including symphony orchestras (Toronto Philharmonic), musical theatre (Shaw Festival and Soulpepper Theatre), world music (Moda Eterna, Caché), and jazz groups. Jamie has appeared with a diverse list of artists including the Temptations, the Four Tops, Big Sugar, Matt Dusk, Ben Heppner, Bi Rude Jake, Michael Burgess, NOJO, and many others. Jamie teaches music theory and history at The Royal Conservatory of Music and York University

Red Hot Ramble
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